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Father and Son

Conscious Families offers connection, support, resources and inspiration to help parents and families raise happy, balanced children who are prepared to meet life’s challenges.

Our goal is to share the Education for Life principles to help both parents and children awaken their highest potential. 


Education for Life (EFL) is a system of holistic education that emphasizes experiential learning, spiritual development, and practical skills for living which prepare children to face life’s challenges.


The goal is to develop the whole person (body, feeling, will and intellect), helping to bring out their highest potential while expanding their awareness and their ability to live in harmony with others.


This system, as defined in the book by J. Donald Walters, has been in practice for over 45 years in schools and classrooms all over the world.

Curious to learn more?

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Core Principles of Education for Life!

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Education for Life Schools and Programs

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What makes Conscious Families and EFL unique?

Strengths-based and individualized

​ While other approaches do address developing the whole person (not just the intellect) EFL emphasizes meeting each person where they are at and helping them take their next step of growth no matter what their age.

Community oriented

More than just information we offer connection and on-going support. By putting people first, we build a sense of friendship and community to support each parent and family.

Lasting change

There are plenty of "quick fixes" and great theories but if those worked you wouldn't be here! The EFL approach is experiential, with opportunities to put the principles into practice right away and creating lasting changes and momentum for further growth.

Conscious Families is just one of many Education for Life programs and schools that use this unique approach.

Living Wisdom Schools are Education for Life schools associated with an Ananda community.


"Maturity is the ability to relate appropriately to other realities than one's own."

from Education for Life

by J. Donald Walters

The 4 Tools of Maturity



  • Developing physical energy, vitality and body awareness

  • Cultivating care of the body for its long-term use with the right diet and exercise

  • Relating to life through movement, action and bodily expression.



  • Developing emotional intelligence especially through calm feeling and intuition

  • Cultivating one's inner awareness and sensitivity as a tool of understanding

  • Relating to life through appreciation for beauty and in nature, art, music etc.



  • Developing dynamic and persistent willpower

  • Cultivating the ability to focus one's energies towards overcoming obstacles and achieving success

  • Relating to life with self-control, initiative and aspiration 



  • Developing clear, practical and creative intellectual abilities

  • Cultivating clarity of thought, reasoning introspection and tolerance

  • Relating to life through curiosity thinking and learning

…it has given us joy to come to a deeper understanding of Education for Life over the years, because it has extended into our family and helped us consciously define our goal of authentic parenting.

Living Wisdom School Parent

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Meet Erin

Educator and Program Director

Erin Vinacco is a certified Education for Life teacher and long time educator with over 13 years of adult, community and K-12 teaching experience. She has worked with various non-profits, schools and community organizations and most recently at the Living Wisdom School of Nevada City, California.

She started eh Conscious Families program as a new way to share the teachings of Education for Life and offer support to families during these unprecedented times.


She finds joy in encouraging and guiding people of all ages and nurturing their strengths to help them achieve their highest potential in life.

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