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A revolutionary new approach to education and development based on a deeper understanding of true happiness and success. Learn more about this values-based, conscious system as applied to education and pareting.
From nature activities to conscious quiet time to tips on daily routines, this book provides practical guidance to help grown-ups model behavior and suggests dozens of activities to foster children's joy, wonder, kindness, and love.
This book is an extraordinary resource for anyone who would like to get in touch with nature using a unique approach. A treasure trove of games and activities that tap into our natural curiosity, imagination, and wonder.
Presents practical, life-tested activities that parents and educators can use to cultivate values such as courage, patience and truthfulness. Includes stories, games and real-life examples to bring these values to life.
A comforting, practical guide for parents and educators filled with realistic suggestions for protecting and nurturing a child's inner spirit during challenging times.
A fantastic tool with stories, songs, games and more to help develop a child’s inner, spiritual life. This book offers fun and uplifting exercises that teach children values such as kindness, concentration, and sharing.





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