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Get your parenting questions answered by expert teachers, trainers and parents with decades of experience in the consciousness-based Education for Life approach.

You've got questions...

"I've tried everything!"

"What can I do?"

"Is this normal?"

"How can I do this more consciously?"

We can help!

Send us your parenting questions for our team of Education for Life specialists to answer.

Image by Camylla Battani

Our Specialists

Many of our specialists have over 40 years of experience, as both educators and parents, working with children of all ages and backgrounds and supporting families using the Education for Life approach.

Our Answers

We make our best effort to respond to every question asked. While there may be many ways to answer even some of the most basic parenting questions, our answers are rooted in Education for Life, a holistic, consciousness-based approach. We occasionally select and anonymously share questions and answers on our blog as a resource for all parents in our community.

Are you a teacher or administrator? Looking for guidance and answers related to the school or classroom setting? Check out the EFL International website for their "Ask a Question" page for teachers!

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