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Family Yoga

Movement  -  Joy  -  Connection

Join our LIVE online family yoga class for an hour of playful movement, breathing, games and relaxation together.

Ideal for ages 5-12 but all are welcome!

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We are not currently offering regular Family Yoga sessions but please be in touch and let us know if you are interested in seeing this offering again in the future!
Mother and Daughter Yoga

More About this Class

Family Yoga sessions include yoga postures, movement, breathing exercises, tools for relaxation, stories and much more!


Yoga engages the whole person and increases physical, mental and emotional well-being. Family yoga creates a safe environment to expand self-awareness, deepen connection and compassion and have fun together!

Be sure to have enough space, comfortable clothing and as few distractions around as possible to have a fun and safe experience. 

Yoga Class
Yoga at Home
This class is offered by donation. Suggested donation $10
  • These sessions are for adults and children together. (Join our Monthly Parent Circle for an adults only session.)

  • We start promptly at 9 am so please be on time (or a little early!).

  • The class lasts 45-60 minutes and is fully interactive - make sure you have space around you to move and water to hydrate.

  • Remove as many potential distractions as possible (toys, books etc.) - stuffed animals, pillows and blankets are welcome!

  • These sessions are not recorded - it's a chance to simple be present together just like in real life! 

  • In order for everyone to get the most out of the experience we ask you to be fully present for the entire time with video on. We'll turn audio on a certain times to share too!

You can contact us with any questions you have about participating.

Things to Know about Family Yoga
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