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Back to School: How to Transition with Calmness and Joy

How are you and your family feeling about the back to school transition? Whether it's the first year or the fifth, this time of transition can be stressful and challenging for both parents and children, especially as we continue to navigate this pandemic.

Just acknowledging that this is a time of transition, full of changes and uncertainty for all of us, can help us to relax and hold more realistic expectations for the weeks ahead. Remember that children handle and communicate their stress in different ways that might look like "misbehavior." If we remember this we can try to tune into the underlying need and offer them compassion, support and structure instead of punishment.

As you navigate this transition with your children, be sure to attend your own basic needs as well. As they say on the airlines, put your own oxygen mask on first! Although as adults we have more experience with going through times of change it can still be stressful. Find a self-care practice that supports you and practice pausing, centering and breathing at least once a day to help yourself stay connected and grounded.

Although it's a great time for a fresh start, don't get too ambitious with making major changes unless there is universal enthusiasm. If you're feeling to make a change, ask yourself if it's necessary and if it can wait. Try making some micro-adjustments and start with the basics to build a strong foundation: good food, fresh air, hydration and plenty of sleep.

As always, don't forget to notice what's going well! Take time to express gratitude as a family, to share highlights from the day and appreciate the special blessings in the midst of this transition. Creating a ritual to share gratitude and wins is a great way to focus the energy upward and cultivate connection during this season of change.

If you're looking for more ideas and some extra support during this back-to-school transition then join our upcoming series - Calm and Joyful Back to School!


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