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Changing Habit takes Energy

Even though I know how important and helpful routines are, I have found it incredibly hard to create a sense of regularity for myself within this quarantine time. Sometimes I stay up too late, eat at odd times, struggle to get out of bed, or forget to drink water. Why don't we do the things we know are go for us? Usually it's because the lower brain states (fight/flight and our emotional brain) have taken over and we're not operating from our prefrontal cortex where clear decision making happens. In yogic terms this area of the brain is known as the seat of superconsciousness; it's where we can access intuition. It's helpful to remember this the next time you find yourself thinking "why are they behaving that way? They should know better!" Well, the answer is they do know better but in order to do better, we have to raise our energy and our consciousness. Think about it: if you're tired or hungry or scared, do you tend to make the best decisions? I know I don't! We need energy to make good decisions and to do the things that will support our growth and expansion. When our energy is low or contractive we tend to think more of ourselves, of our physical comfort, and how we can put out as little energy as possible. When our energy is high it's easy to think of others and to make positive choices. So how do we raise our energy? Well, energy has it's own intelligence and it naturally wants to move upward. Any small effort you can make to get the energy moving will raise your energy and your consciousness. Just standing up and stretching your hands overhead can change things. Breathing deeply, focusing on the energy moving upward on the in breath is a simple way to oxygenate the brain and shift your focus. Going for a walk or doing some simple exercises or yoga postures can help too. I've found something as simple as making my bed or doing a few dishes can help shift things in the right direction and motivate me to do something else helpful or uplifting. With children, whether homeschooling, distance learning or just working on homework, it can be important to take "brain breaks" to help keep the energy uplifted. Notice when the energy is getting low or too restless and make a point to pause and take some deep breaths get centered and energized again. Often when there's lots of complaining, bickering or laziness creeping in, it's time for a brain break to move your body in some fun way. By doing this we learn that we can control our energy and this can help us to do the things we want to do, to act in ways that are more expansive, helpful and kind. There are lots more ways to lift your energy, not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well and the best part is they're all connected! What helps you raise your energy?


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