Fun and Fantasy in the Learning Process

In a conversation with a friend I commented on the need to find ways to redirect current energy from going into well worn grooves of habit. I can see energy going in certain directions and instead of trying to simply STOP that from happening, I'd like to find ways to apply or direct that energy in more positive and helpful ways. I added the comment "Not unlike we try to do with children."

Her response was great. She said "Yes, when it comes to children when we see a behavior or a habit that could really cause trouble long term we're always curious, looking for ways to help shift the energy. We're willing to do anything, even things that seem irrational at times. We're open and looking for opportunities and possibilities. When it comes to ourselves though we immediately have all these opinions about what we should do and what will work and won't work."

So true! We stop ourselves before we can begin sometimes. It seem so much easier to see and hold the highest potential with children, even in the midst of difficult behaviors, and somehow much harder to do that for myself. There are so many little subconscious patterns and beliefs that hold us back even when we are earnestly seeking solutions. So how can we get creative with ourselves and our own growth?

In Education for Life, J. Donald Walter (Swami Kriyananda) mentions, quite a few times, the importance of fun and fantasy in making the educational process more human and experiential. How can we bring fun into our own process of learning and growth that is unfolding right now? Perhaps taking ourselves a little less seriously?

Never underestimate the importance of fun to the over-all teaching process. It is often during the moments of lightness, when the mind is diverted, that the most fundamental lessons are absorbed.