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Intentional Parenting

Feeling frustrated? Tired? Overwhelmed? It might be time to pause and reflect... Where are you putting your energy?

Even when we don't realize it, in each moment we're making a choice about where to put out attention and where our attention goes, energy flows. One of the first steps, if we want to live and parent more consciously, is to bring more awareness to those choices and especially to our intentions behind those choices. What really matters to us as parents? Where do we want to be putting our energy?

When we get clear about our intentions our energy flow increases which has an impact on those around us. When we're working from the inside out, becoming more intentional in ourselves, we can see seemingly miraculous shifts in those around us without much of the outward effort that we usually think is necessary. Sure, we still need to act but with conscious energy flowing through our words and actions often feel supported and more effective when we are clear in our intentions.

What matters most? In our January inspiration circle a parent shared about being very busy with community projects. With so much to get done she felt she realized she was not being as present as she would like with her child. It happens to us all at one time or another. The projects, the work, the preparations all seem urgent but... what about our relationships?

After some centering, reflection and discussion she realized that to be more present with her child what she really wanted and need was to slow down. She decided that including her child in some aspects of the project she was working on would help her to slow down more, enjoying both the project and her child in a new way. The situation presented its own solution!

In the community where I live we try to live by the rule "people are more important than things" and that goes for projects too! By setting this intention, we put the needs of each individual first, above any potential goal. This keeps everyone's energy higher, more cooperative and harmonious and means that we are often just as productive while also being much happier.

When we take time to get still and reflect on what matters most, we can set our energy in motion in ways that support our highest goals and aspirations AND the highest potential of ourselves our children.

What matters most to you? What's your intention for today?

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