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Top 5 Books for Conscious Parents

Start the new year off with some fresh inspiration! Here's a short list of recommended reading for those that are interested in Conscious Families and becoming more conscious, calm and compassionate in your parenting. Do you have other recommendations? Leave them in the comments!

This book and the approach that it describes forms the foundation of everything we share through Conscious Families. Based on the deeper teachings of yoga and the need for spiritual values, the Education for Life system has been in practice in the US and worldwide for nearly 50 years! "Encouraging parents and educators to see children through their soul qualities, this unique system promises to be a much needed breath of fresh air." You can also read for free online.

This book as well forms a core foundation to what is shared through Conscious Families and is the guiding text for our Calm and Compassionate Parenting course. This practical handbook gives you the tools, activities and inspiration to apply the core principles of Education for Life at home to create an environment that supports the development of higher values. With over 90 activities and chapters focusing on simple changes and practical examples this is a must-read for the conscious parent.

If you have time for just one book this year, just one change, this is it! A regular meditation or centering practice is essential to becoming a more conscious parent. Meditation helps us to increase our awareness, develop our intuition and cultivate patience and self-control - all important skills for the conscious parent. Through meditation we actively practice relaxing the body, calming and concentrating and then, most importantly, expanding our consciousness. When our consciousness changes, the world around us changes. Don't take our word for it, try it yourself and see! You can also find more resources and support for starting or deepening your meditation practice through Ananda Worldwide.

Sharing and practicing universal spiritual values is not only a core principle of the Education for Life approach, it's also essential to our own happiness. This book gives you practical examples and easy-to-use activities to help you guide children in learning from their own direct experience without preaching or dogma. These non-sectarian tools and techniques will help you in working with your children to cultivate positive values such as kindness, cheerfulness, courage, willingness, self-control and more.

Despite the title "Scary News" this book is both practical and uplifting, giving both the inspiration and the guidance to bring more joy into our lives, even in challenging times. Included are simple strategies, activities and guidelines for decreasing stress and fear for ourselves and our children, while increasing joy. Through Lorna's stories and examples learn to rely more on your own intuition and innate wisdom as a parent to help your child cultivate their own sense of inner strength and guidance that will support them through all of life's challenges.

A fantastic resource for every home! These cards are an engaging tool for introducing and developing key skills to help us live a more balanced and fulfilling life. With simple, engaging activities, the Life Skills cards gives you a hands-on way to practice these skills yourself or as a family.


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