Parenting Teens with Greater Joy

inspiration and support for parenting in the teen years
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Join this group of conscious families seeking to parent with greater awareness. This group, especially for parents of teens, will offer a positive, supportive community to gain new insights and perspective into the changes of adolescence and your evolving role as a parent.


The input and feedback of participants will be used to choose topics and create gatherings that are relevant and responsive to the needs and concerns of your family at this time. Potential topics include:




emotions and moods

brain development

cultivating self-control

goal setting

trust and choices

Bi-Weekly LIVE Zoom sessions will include: ​

  • techniques for relaxation and stress-relief to support your role as parent

  • connection and community building with a group of like-minded parents

  • interactive and experiential activities, guided reflection and discussion

  • practical tools for on-going reflection and practice during the week

The Details
What's Included
  • 4 live Zoom sessions
  • downloads and support materials
  • free recorded centering practice
  • free one-on-one session

Interested in this offering? Contact us and let us know and we'll update you about the upcoming schedule!

What to Expect

These sessions are for adult (parents and caregivers of children ages 13-19) and will take place over Zoom. Your commitment and engagement will co-create the space. 

Be prepared to set aside time and space to be fully available and present for the entire weekly class, including video and audio.

Exploring the Will Years

In the Education for Life approach there are four stages of maturity that we all grow through, developing the four aspects of our being: body, feeling, will and intellect.


During the teenage years (ages 13 to 19) the focus is on developing the tool of Will which includes the qualities of self-control, discipline, practical idealism, and perseverance in the face of challenges.


With this understanding you can learn to provide constructive, expansive opportunities for the growth and development of will power which can be a transformative experience for you and your teen.

"The important thing, at this time, is to guide the adolescent toward the right use of his will power - that is to say, to use it expansively, not contractively."

J. Donald Walters, Education for Life

"Properly guided, however, these years can develop into a wonderful period of active and practical idealism."

from the book Education for Life


This program is offered in joyful partnership with Living Wisdom High School, an Education for Life school. 

Visit their website to find out more!

The Facilitators


Kshama Kellogg

Director of Living Wisdom High School

Kshama is an Education for Life specialist, and has spent the last decade exploring the field of education and consciousness. She has taught students K-12, mentored students & teachers, and developed local and international youth and family programs that incorporate principles of meditation, yoga, and wellbeing in daily life.

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Erin Vinacco

Director of Conscious Families

Erin Vinacco is a certified Education for Life teacher and long time edcuator who has worked with parents, families and children for over 12 years, most recently for the Living Wisdom School of Nevada City. She has many years of direct experience working with children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, with a special interest in social-emotional learning, mindfulness and yoga.